Taylor Swift Teases New Song ‘Never Go Out of Style’ in Target Commercial: Watch

By Shannon Carlin

Taylor Swift‘s style has evolved from beauty pageant ball gowns to ladylike crop tops and high waisted skirts. It’s unclear whether she’s bought any of these classic looks at Target, but in a new commercial for the store she’s teasing a song that takes a clear stance when it comes to the matters of both the heart and fashion.

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In the commercial, snapshots of Swift looking pretty flash across the screen as her new track “Never Go Out of Style” plays. The song is a poppy love song that has her singing about a guy with slicked back hair and white t-shirt, a look that clearly will never get old. 

Swift also talked about the role New York City has played when it comes to her songwriting since moving there earlier this year.

“Drive through the West Village at night and you’ll see a couple kissing on the street or you see someone fighting outside their apartment,” she said. “Or you see so much humanity on a daily basis, that clearly if you’re not inspired by your own life that day, you can be inspired by someone else’s life.”

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