Rob Lowe Named Public Enemy Of Kansas City, SF Still Loves Him

By Alyssa Pereira

It looks like Kansas City Royals fans cannot take a joke.

After the Giants (brutal) defeat of the Kansas City Royals last night, we can imagine that the Midwest was in quite a tizzy over their precious team being upset on the major World Series stage.

Some fans, as a matter of fact, were a little too worked up.

So when Rob Lowe, a star of NBC’s ‘Parks and Recreation’ and longtime actor, noted philanthropist, and two-time Screen Actors Guild Award Winner, made a little observation that the Royals did in fact get their butts handed to them in Game 1 of the World Series (which we all know they did), Royals fans lashed out.

The whole episode finally culminated in the eyes of the local Kansas City press and WHEW were they pissed.

Today, Royals nation declared perpetual optimist and eternal dreamboat Rob Lowe city nemesis #1 for tweeting this:

Kansas City quickly got themselves worked up into a huffing and puffing, finger-shaking rage, condemning Lowe (who is from Virginia) for his apparently blasphemous remark.



Still, Lowe had a good sense of humor about it:


Hey Rob, don’t even worry about those Kansas City kids. You’re always welcome in the beautiful city by the Bay.


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