Listen: Two Fully-Grown Radio DJs Almost Get Into A Major Brawl About The Raiders On The Air

Sometimes, being an avid football fan means standing your ground, even when faced against someone you should definitely not get into a fight with. We respect that.

So do these two Arizona DJs named Doug & Wolf. The sports show hosts got into it over the Raiders’ “brand”, in what initially began as an open discussion on the integrity of the Oakland Raiders franchise (as they’re in their current rough patch) and very quickly devolved into a shouting match of elementary school playground proportions.

Oakland is not having a good season. As a matter of fact, they haven’t really had a good season for a while, but as we all know, these things are cyclical, and it won’t be long before the Raiders are on top again.

Before long, Doug took the disagreement too far by insulting Wolf’s intelligence.

“By the way, nothing is over my head that you say,” Wolf responds. “Nothing.”

Shots fired! Listen to the audio below:

(Via Complex)

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