‘Yeast Town’ Is The Local Rock Musical About Microorganisms You Didn’t Know You Needed

Just in case you thought San Francisco was maybe getting a little less weird, there’s now a rock musical happening in the Mission district that is about yeast. All the songs were written by Tony Award winners.

We’re going to give you a second to take in that information.

There’s also a plot line. According to the show’s description:

In the year 3,000,458,000 B.C., the salt-eating yeasts are the only living creatures on earth, and they’re up against a food shortage, a strange new emotion called “love” and the oppression of a tyrannical king. When the king’s dreamer of a son ventures out of the known yeastiverse, the yeasts’ story – and ours – is changed forever.

The rock musical, called Yeast Nationwas written by the brains behind Urinetown, and has already been lauded by The New York Times and The Chicago Tribune. Seriously.

Tickets are available now for the new show at The Victoria Theatre at 2961 16th Street in San Francisco.

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