By Courtney E. Smith

One can’t help but wonder if the guys of The Eeries purposely tried to make it hard for anyone to discover their band. Or, if it was an accidental business model that has just so happened to pay off.

The rock band from Los Angeles share a name with another band in Philadelphia, making it pretty hard to actually find any information on them. The Eeries also currently only have one song to their name. That song, “Cool Kid,” ended up being played on KROQ, a CBS Radio station that also happens to be the most influential rock radio station in the world. This sudden interest in The Eeries even led the other Eeries to note on their Facebook, “Hey guys, we’re not the Eeries who were on KROQ.”

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The story goes that the band formed out of the ashes of other bands that didn’t work out. After the four-piece worked out a few songs, they posted “Cool Kid” online with little more than a lawyer’s phone number as a point of contact.

The idea for the track, lead singer and songwriter Isaiah Silva explains, came from his desire to express his own coming-of-age experience as an outsider. But, what really makes it stand out among the crowded field of rock songs today is its heavy lean on lyrical cynicism. Silva tells he prefers it when life, music and art are complicated.


“To have a happy, joyous melody with dark, brooding lyrics that are quote-unquote not so happy,” Silva says, “to me adds to the irony…The fun thing about ‘Cool Kid,’ for me, is that there are lines in there that I don’t think people even recognize until they sit down with it and read the lyrics…It takes a second to process a couple of them.”

It’s similar to the lyrical obtuseness of Michael Stipe in his R.E.M. days or Elvis Costello. Or even Nirvana, who Silva has a small connection to, thanks to his romantic relationship with Francis Bean Cobain. In fact, it was through the Twitter efforts of Courtney Love and, unrelated but, apparently also a fan, Gerard Way that KROQ’s programming staff caught wind of “Cool Kid.”



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