The Buzz: Chappelle’s Show, Bono’s Opinions, And Arby’s Meat Mountain Sandwich

By Alyssa Pereira

It was a big week in news again, and because we know how busy you all are, we rounded up our biggest stories of the week.

Check them out below and get caught up before the weekend!

Ellen and Kristen Wiig Try To Sing Frozen‘s ‘Let It Go’ And It Goes Terribly

People have some real strong opinions about Frozen, the hit animated Disney film, and its album has a dedicated following. Ellen and Kristen Wiig are apparently not part of that fanbase. However, they respect a hit song, so they gave “Let It Go” a shot—by trying to sing it without ever really having heard it before. It goes disastrously, of course. Maybe they should take a cue from this little girl.

Dave Chappelle Booked A Couple Nights of Surprise Shows And Somehow We Managed To Go

Dave Chappelle pops into the Bay once in a while, and when he does, it’s generally for a surprise show or two. It happened again this week, when tickets were announced on Tuesday morning to go on sale shortly after. I (miraculously) managed to snag a ticket to the itty-bitty Punchline space in San Francisco, and I had some thoughts about the show. One: how can Punchline ask for a two drink minimum when the show starts at 1am and they have to pull drinks by 2am?

There’s a Meat Mountain Sandwich And It Suggests A Grim Future For Posterity

To tell you the truth, I’ve been avoiding carefully reading this installment of The Fast Foodie for fear of giving myself a heart attack just by looking at it. Arby’s “Meat Mountain” is a coronary-agitating behemoth of protein with eight (EIGHT) types of meats. It’s a masterpiece in mindful eating avoidance, and yet, apparently absolutely delicious. Read the review above.

Some Scrappy Teens In Antioch Pissed Off Taco Bell So Now They Can’t Have Any In The Afternoon

How riled up and rowdy do you have to be to shut down the dining room of one of the most perennial fast food institutions there are? A group of Antioch teens found out when their continuous brawling finally go out of hand, forcing the franchise to close their interior between 3:00-5:00pm every afternoon.

Bono And His Band U2 Made You Have Their New Album And He Talked To Us About It

U2, that megaband who released the album recently that you didn’t remember acquiring called in to the Kevin Klein show earlier this week to clear up a few things and answer a few questions. In the interview he talks about Sharon Osborne, the new album, and how The Edge got that nickname.

The Week’s Top Search Terms on Google:

Eva Mendes
Ryan Gosling
iOS 8 and iPhone 6
Surge Soda
Wes Welker
49ers score
SF Giant Race
Levi Stadium Capacity


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