The Fast Foodie: Arby’s $10 Meat Mountain Sandwich

When I first heard of Arby’s off menu item call the “Meat Mountain” I was a bit scared and a bit amused. After a little research (aka I Googled it), there were varied reports on the Meat Mountain’s origins, availability, and even it’s very existence. Later some actual sightings started to emerge and I knew this was not just the Big Foot of fast food sandwiches but the K2 of sandwiches.

The Meat Mountain incredients:

2 breaded and deep-fried chicken tenders
1.5 ounces of roast turkey
1.5 ounces of ham
1 slice of big-eye Swiss cheese
1.5 ounces of corned beef
1.5 ounces of brisket
1.5 ounces of Angus steak
1 slice of natural cheddar cheese
1.5 ounces of roast beef
3 half-slices of peppered bacon

In name of The Fast Foodie, I gathered a few friends and headed out on a Meat Mountain expedition. As with any “secret menu” item we skulked up to the order counter with fingers crossed. Our order didn’t faze the Arby’s employee but it did elicit a knowing smirk.

The Meat Mountain Arrives:

Holy #%?*! This thing is a mountain. No other words could be used to describe it. It was truly the Gregore Clegane of fast food. The list of items just does not do it justice. The sandwich beast was over 4 inches tall and a solid block of meats.

The Meat Mountain Cross-center

After the befuddlement of the sheer size of the Meat Mountain subsided, I was faced with my next dilemma: How to actually take a bite of it without unhinging my jaw like a hungry anaconda. It took some trial, error and jaw dexterity but I dove in like a glutenous Sir Edmund Hillary.

First bite … Savory, meaty, crunchy excellence. This may be the most decadent and silly fast food item out there right now but it was really tasty. Each bite after gave a slightly different mixture of the stacks of meats and cheese as I found myself more scraping off chunks of the Meat Mountain rather than biting it.

In the end, due to either meat saturation, fullness, or jaw fatigue — I was only able to finish about 3/4 quarters. Though I did not conquer the Meat Mountain (Is “summit” the right word?), I, like many great explorers before me, believe the journey and the tale was worth it.

Now please pass me a handful of Tums.


Overall, I give Arby’s Meat Mountain 4 out of 5 Coronaries.

4 Coronaries


Nutritional Info Estimated
Calories Carbs Fat Sodium Protein
The Meat Mountain 880 45g 42g 3400mg 83g
Small Dr. Pepper 250 68g 0g 60mg 0g
Total Dish 1130 113g 42g 3560mg 83g




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