Apple Reportedly Spent Around $100 Million On That Surprise U2 Album

By Alyssa Pereira

Earlier this week you may have noticed an odd new album in your iTunes library that you are positive you didn’t purchase.

That album is U2’s Songs of Innocence, and iTunes decided you should have it, just because. That is, you and every person with an iTunes account. All 500 million of you.

The vast majority of people were confused, some were pleased, and others like me haven’t even gotten around to having an opinion on it yet. Some people, however, were FURIOUS.

It turns out that Apple paid a lot of money to imbue the fury in its consumer base: around $100 million to be exact.

According to several sources including Billboard, Verge and more, Apple spent at least $100 million to market the album in addition to whatever they’re going to pay Bono and the gang.

However, that amount is a drop in the proverbial bucket to Apple, amounting to only a few days worth of profits (which, considering the massive success of the iPhone 6 already, they can probably swing).

Still, it signifies a new era for music consumption. These days, you don’t even have to virtually go anywhere to get new music—it will literally just show up in your library for free.

If Apple’s taking suggestions for the next go-around, may we request some new Adele?



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