Pharrell Williams on Ferguson: ‘This Is Going to Be the Longest Hangover in Race Relations Ever’

By Philip Cosores

While we are weeks removed from the events of Ferguson, Missouri, Pharrell Williams reminded CNN that the tension is far from alleviated in a new interview.

The pop and hip-hop songwriter-turned-host of The Voice had a lot to say when a fairly general question of “what did you think of what happened in Ferguson?” was dropped on him by network host Don Lemon.

“This is a deeper laceration in this country,” Williams says near the end of the clip. “If you think this is going to blow over, this is going to be the longest hangover in race relations ever.”

In the spot, Williams has strong opinions about the reporting CNN did, the police officer that shot unarmed teen Michael Brown, saggy jeans, the looting and protesting that followed the incident and even about the President of the United States, who he believes still needs to visit the embattled city.


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