Watch Silly Tourists Cross Abbey Road On Their Live Stream

San Francisco has pretty much always been something of a tourist mecca, so we’re used to the constant flow of visitors in our beautiful city. Unlike other locations, there are many, many reasons to visit the city, so usually our visitors spread out across the span of the 7×7, from Fisherman’s Wharf to Golden Gate Park.

Such is not the case for the area of North London, which holds Abbey Road, the crosswalk famous for that silly album cover of the same name. Despite a constant flow of traffic, even in the mid-afternoon (which was the time of day it was in England when I watched the stream) tourists bumble on down the crosswalk, posing for pictures, while poor drivers are just trying to drive down the road like, you know, roads should generally permit.

The Independent in the UK, which first posted the news of the new livecam has some cringe-worthy examples of the types of things tourists are doing in the famous “zebra crossing” (as the Brits call it), and the Studios even have an archive with some of the funnier moments.

Watch the livestream here at Abbey Road Studios’ site.

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