True Blood Recap: The End of the End

By Alyssa Pereira

The finale to “True Blood” was terrible, save for Sookie’s storyline.

Last week left a lot of lingering questions, especially pertaining to the fates of Bill, Eric, Jessica, and Sookie, and this week’s finale only did justice to Sookie. I’ve said for the last few weeks that this series (while based on a book series centered around Sookie) is the story of Bill: Bill’s friends and the shenanigans they get into, Bill’s relationship with Sookie, the after-effects of his run as a prophet, how he affects his progenies, and ultimately, the events leading up to his death.

Sookie killed Bill, at his request. He asked her to use her last faery light to kill him, so that she would then become mortal, and thus not as attractive to vampires. She at first declined, and then came  around to the idea, but when it came time to her moment of “truth” she resolved that what Bill was essentially asking her to do was to give up a huge part of her identity—and she wasn’t going to do that.

It’s the moment the episode (and the series really) had been building to: he might have be the sun that Bon Temps was revolving around, but he was also the antagonist. He asked everything of Sookie, ruled her life, and caused her to cater to him while rarely returning the favor. He made himself a martyr by assuring her that she wouldn’t be able to really live as long as he was alive (*rolling our eyes*). Even in the end, he wanted something from her. Bill, get over yourself.

Sookie declining, and killing him with a piece of wood from a broken shovel nearby is so anti-climactic to the way Bill probably imagined going out, but it serves as Sookie’s moment of taking power back from him.

Anyway, before Bill turned into that sad, mean pile of goo, we were subjected to a confusing whirlwind of an episode. The first 30-40 minutes of the episode were so quick it seemed a bit slapstick (Mr. Gus’ death? What even…?). Hoyt and Jessica had a weird, sudden, totally performatory wedding only arranged to satiate one of Bill’s final wishes of walking his daughter down the aisle. Nevermind that the whole thing seemed pretty unhealthy (and hey Bill, maybe you shouldn’t be rushing your loved ones into major life decisions to please yourself), and was just about as unstable and awkward as where we find Bridget and Jason. The loose ends of the love-square as it were seemed sloppily tied up—it worked in a plot-writing sense, but gave no confident closure to any of them. What happens when Hoyt gets old or wants to have kids? Isn’t it going to be weird AT ALL when the double dates happen?

The best part of this episode was when Eric remembered how awesome he was. The thousand year old vampire finally realized that he is faster, stronger and smarter than pretty much everyone ever and apparently had-it-up-to-here with the wacky Yakuza. In a swift second, he and Pam killed everyone including Mr. Gus, and took on the task of creating “New Blood” all on their own (note that the Nordic Eric went to Swedish scientists rather than the same Japanese scientists that created True Blood), hiring Charlaine Harris to write their infomercial script.

They’re still working Fangtasia, charging $100,000 for a minute of feeding on Sarah Newlin (a torture scene which they pretty much just glossed over), but the main point is that Bon Temps has returned the peace. Sookie’s pregnant with a mystery man, Sam and Nicole have returned, Jason and Bridget have three little ones already, and they’re a regular old dinner party-throwing crew. Almost like the whole thing never happened, right?

Lingering questions:

Where was Lafayette?

With all the leaders of vampires dead (the queens, the governors, the Authority), who’s in charge of the remaining?

Who is Sookie’s mystery man?

Was that the worst series finale ever or what?


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