True Blood Recap: Jessica’s Betrayal, Bill’s Choice, and the Yakuza Gets Bored

By Alyssa Pereira

As I said last week, ‘True Blood’ isn’t about Sookie, or even vampires. It’s not an allegory for how America legislatively treats minorities. It’s not about the human condition either. It’s a story about Bill.

This week reiterated that concept by further developing story lines that he has affected over the past seven seasons. First up, Bill decided not to drink the antidote, and he has a perfectly thoughtful reason why. “Like a moth to a flame she always returns to me,” Bill tells Eric. He’s not wrong—no matter what he does, or how evil he turns, Sookie always returns to Bill. Sookie might regard Bill as her great love, but she isn’t the equivalent of that for him. That title is reserved for his Civil war wife Caroline, and it always has been. Regardless, Bill decides that his presence on Earth will mean Sookie will never be happy, and that the only solution to this is for him to die. Jessica is equally upset, and asks Bill to release her. He obliges.

Meanwhile, Sam leaves Bon Temps to raise his family with Nicole in Chicago, which is about as fitting an end as we can hope for in his case. Arlene is pretty enamored with Keith, even though they can’t have sex (she is infected with Hep-V), and Adilyn seems to be readjusting nicely post-kidnapping.

The love square made up of Jason, Hoyt, Jessica and Brigette comes to a close, as Jessica reveals all about their previous relationship to Hoyt. He seems stronger and wiser than before he left Bon Temps—he may be able to stand up to Jess’ shenanigans this time around. Meanwhile Brigette breaks things off with Hoyt and goes running to Jason (who saw that coming, right?). It’s all very predictable, but it’s as good a wrap-up as we could hope for for our lovelorn characters.

Upset by Bill’s decision, a mopey Sookie is visited by Eric, upon the dying Bill’s request. Eric appeals to her to understand (she doesn’t really, but she’s rolling with it) and to answer when Bill calls upon her later, as it may be his last night on Earth before meeting the true death. Sookie is “scared” but agrees, and Eric flies her home to wait. She arrives just in time—Bill calls and is soon on his way over.

In a scene that serves only to deliver a bit of comedic relief, Eric finally agrees to have sex with Ginger. It lasts about fifteen seconds with zero nudity, and Eric is so startled by Ginger’s theatrics that he several times asks her if she’s alright. It’s all weirdly adorable, but the scene shows love (get it?) to one of the less explored character lines in the show’s series.

Eric then finds Pam strapped by a silver chain on a plank with a wood spear aimed for her head. The Yakuza are keen to Sookie’s knowledge of Nu Blood, but force Eric to admit it or face being responsible for the true death of Pam, his progeny. He concedes, and Mr. Gus’ follow-up question sets up the next episode: “Where does Sookie live?”

Next week’s series finale means there will be some blood spilled. Either Sookie will die (unlikely), Bill will die for Sookie (likely), or Eric will die for everyone (we hope not). Tune in next week!


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