You Can Watch The Hot Cop Of The Castro Go Shirtless For The Ice Bucket Challenge Charity

This coming Monday, the fabled Hot Cop of the Castro is baring his shirt—for charity. Chris Kohrs, a new local celeb famous for his good looks and brawny swagger, is putting his chest on display for the Ice Bucket Challenge in a benefit that will raise awareness for ALS and also raise money for families of fallen officers.

Kohrs will take place in the Ice Bucket challenge, wherein he’ll pour a bucket of ice on his chest for…uh…some reason.

The best part of all this though is that you can watch this historic event happen. The top three contributors will be given the opportunity to help Kohrs get prepped for the bucket pour.

Get tickets for the event here, and head to The Café at 2369 Market Street at 17th, at 6pm to watch.

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