True Blood Recap: The Life of Tara, The True Death, and the Quest for the Antidote

By Alyssa Pereira

‘True Blood’ is nearing its end with only two episodes left, and as it ties up its loose ends, one thing becomes clear: this is not a story about life in Bon Temps, or about Sookie. This is a story about Bill’s life and the women he loves.

Bill’s flashbacks into his mortal days with his Civil War era wife allowed him to remember what it was like to feel human—to feel the immediacy of aging, of emotions, and of being truly responsible for the life and livelihood of others. For him, the only thing that reminded him of that was Sookie. “From the very first moment that we met, you reminded me of what it was like to have my human heart,” he told her. “The problem was, it was only a memory. All I had was my darkness to give you in return.” Sookie persists—but that’s her role. She represents the light, the heart, and everything appealing about not being a vampire to him (which is why ‘True Blood”s ad campaign featuring a Sookie crying blood is particularly striking). For her whole relationship with Bill, she has tried to make him as human as possible, making them both tragic heroes.

But we’ll come back to that. First, let’s talk about Tara. Our neglected martyr has been haunting Lettie Mae, and we finally figure out why: as a child she hid a gun in the front yard, and she has always felt sorry for not using it on her abusive father. Tara makes up with her mother leading her, Lafayette and the reverend to dig it up in the yard. But what’s the point here? Seemingly, the show wants to redeem Lettie Mae as a mother, and it serves as the only reason that Tara perpetually forgave her mother, but now it only puts Tara in a position as someone who lived and died by her mother. She becomes a sympathetic character, and that sort of memory doesn’t sit right with fans of the no bullsh*it Tara.

Meanwhile at Violet’s, Adilyn and Wade are just realizing the massive mistake they made in going with Violet to her house (though to be fair, if they declined her offer she probably would have kidnapped them anyway). The whole thing is a ploy to get Jason to come over, and ultimately, from a poorly thought out producer angle, to get Hoyt, Jessica, Bridget and and Jason in the same place for a real awkward moment. Hoyt likes Jessica, but can’t figure out why, and Bridget obviously likes Jason and there’s no way that will end well. Most importantly, Jason loves Jessica, but won’t muster up the balls to tell Hoyt to back off, because of how guilty he feels for wooing her the first time.

In any case, Hoyt saves the day by shooting Violet (who by the way must have been very, very old to remember how medieval torture devices work), which revives Jessica’s attraction to him. And now, here we are in a late series love triangle between them again. Chances are, Jason and Jessica are going to get hurt this time around, but let’s be honest—they both deserve it.

Bill is dying, and it’s going to happen very soon.  Eric, in a rather human moment, flies to tell Sookie he is healed (which violates the terms of the Yakuza agreement, putting him in a risky situation), and she tells him that Bill is now sick too, and pretty much on his deathbed. He swears to return tomorrow with a little of the antidote, but because its the “brave but stupid” Sookie, she goes looking for it instead.

And she finds it, or rather, her in Antidote Sarah, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to pan out.

All things must end—Bill declines drinking Sarah/Numi’s antidotal blood, because at this point, he has, like Eric’s maker Godric, become jaded as to the purpose of existence. He has lived as the Messiah, loved, lost, and is now ready for the true death. He’s not naive to realize he and Sookie will never be forever happy, and as such he has accepted his fate.

Only two episodes left! Until next week.


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