True Blood Recap: The Antidote, The Guiltless, and The Pissed Off Fae Fam

By Alyssa Pereira

“May Be the Last Time” was a drawn out episode leading to one thing: the reuniting of Sookie and Bill. We loved Alcide, we loved Eric (we didn’t love Warlow, so moving on…), but Bill is the Ross to her Rachel, the Booth to her Bones and the Mulder to her Scully. It was inevitable, even if she did make him sick. Actually, the only thing strong enough to bring Sookie back to Bill is the horrid mixture of grief, guilt, and a complete disregard for consequences that was partially spurned by accidentally infecting him.

But let’s retrace our steps here. Both Eric and Bill seem to give zero damns about folding in the face of V, and yet are both handling it differently. Bill is content to live out his days putting around the house, doing nothing really while Jessica weeps (seriously what is he even doing all night?) whereas Eric is hellbent on retribution. Both storylines are unfolding independently, whereas only the omniscient viewer has any idea that both our undead heroes may be salvageable, especially now that the Japanese government is assisting the “NewBlood” brigade in finding “I’m-Not-Sarah-I’m-Numi” Newlin, whom we know is off hallucinating her ex-lovers at the Light of Day Institute. Visions are telling her she’s going to die tonight, which is probably true. Sorry Sarah.

Back in Bon Temps, Andy and Holly are searching for the young lovers who have still unknowingly been kidnapped by Violet. Despite all the very serious happenings all around, Andy and Holly refuse to accept that this might just be one of them. It’s not that they’re being facetious—it’s more of a tragic fuzzing out of something devastating because they can’t handle it after what Holly has just gone through.

In the mortal world, Hoyt returns to Bon Temps for his mother’s funeral with his new girlfriend (“a microbiologist”, as he proudly proclaims to Arlene), and Jason, somehow not riddled by guilt, can’t stop staring at his girlfriend. Lettie Mae and Lafayette start digging in someone’s front yard to search for whatever Tara has told them to find, and Arlene is apprehensively smitten with her new vampire friend Keith (whom no one seems to remember was the dreamy bad boy in Motocrossed).

But back to Sookie. She calls a very brave Doctor Ludwig to come look at Bill. She tells the three that Bill’s case is unlike any she’s ever seen, even compared to another vampire who was infected by fae blood. So what’s going on here? Sookie thinks it’s because her line is royal and calls on Niall for “a miracle.” Niall emerges for pasta and to teach a completely useless lesson, fueled by the fact that he just doesn’t really like Bill, vampires, or “dwarves.” Niall is a model of intolerance and kind of the worst, it turns out.

Now, to the probable dismay of the fae line, Sookie, in a virginal white dress, runs to the veiny arms of Bill, which is where the week closes.

Only three episodes left—we can probably expect some major moves next week, and a few vamps meeting the true death.


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