True Blood Recap: ‘Karma’ Is the Worst

By Alyssa Pereira

Sarah Newlin is an easy character to hate. She’s delusional, selfish, and self-indulgent. Even her goddamn self-assigned name, Numi, is cringeworthy, (‘new me’, get it?). There’s no reason to keep this broad around but to allow the characters (and viewers) who despise her allow that enmity to fester, culminating in what must be the satisfying demise of Sarah, the personification of ugly, vapid anti-vamp intolerance. We shall be avenged.

Or so we thought. It was a weird emotion, and plot twist, when Sarah reveals that she (or rather, the blood running in her veins) is the antidote to Hep-V, the horrific disease plaguing the vampire community at large. Fitting, really. These Louisiana vamps can’t catch a break.

But let’s look on the bright side. Eric, the oldest vamp around, is dying slowly, though not yet at the expense of his faculties (as evidenced by his effortless ass-kicking of the Yakuza soldiers), but he’s dying nonetheless. Bill, a new victim of the disease, is dealing with a exceptionally accelerated case of Hep-V, since drinking from Sookie’s accidentally exposed super-faery blood. Sarah Newlin might just save them, if she’s found out soon enough. After all, the Yakuza and Gus Jr. as well as Pam and Eric are now on the hunt for her together. Let’s just hope they don’t kill her too quickly.

Now let’s get back to Bill. As soon as he found out about his positive status, he set out to get his affairs in order. Unfortunately, vamps don’t have the same legal rights as humans do, so after he dies, Jessica may be out of a lot of money, as the government doesn’t recognize a progeny in the natural inheritance line, and adoption will take too long. The lawyer tries to extort Bill for $10 million dollars, and he doesn’t take it too well. She gets a swift neck stabbing, as does the security vamp.

Jessica calls Jason to bring Sookie over so she can tell her in person that Bill is sick, and he leaves Violet in bed to do so. Violet seemed to have extended an olive branch to Jason, despite the fact that he was 100% in the wrong for cheating on her, and he hasn’t fessed up. Well, it looks like Jason took this one too far, and Violet went off the handle. The next time we see her, she’s kidnapping Adilyn and Wade (who are too naive to realize this is happening—Adilyn is only a few weeks old, what’s Wade’s excuse?). This won’t end well.

Back in the human world, Lettie Mae and Lafayette trip balls together so Lafayette can prove Tara’s mother, who is still insisting her daughter is trying to tell her something, is full of it. She’s not, it turns out, and Tara leads the two to her childhood home, where she digs in the front yard. At that moment, the reverend wakes them up, and forces Lettie Mae to decide between keeping him as a partner or continuing down this road of following Tara (the reverend still thinks she’s lying). I’ve mentioned my doubts about Tara’s death before, but it looks like we’re finally going to wrap up this mystery.

Now onto next week—will it be Bill’s last?



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