We love TV, but we love it even more when our favorite shows have a great intro song to go along with it.

Sometimes shows opt for tracks that complement the tone or subject matter, and sometimes they go for something a bit contrasting to highlight the real feel of the plot or characters. In any case, we picked the best of them here, just for you.

Do you have any you think we should add?


“Teardrop” – Massive Attack


Massive Attack (who will be playing Treasure Island this year) was a great choice for the twisted intro to this medical drama.


The Sopranos
“Woke Up This Morning” – Alabama 3


Complete with Howlin’ Wolf samples and a chorus behind it, “Woke Up” was written after hearing about the Sara Thornton murder case. Thornton had stabbed her husband to death after two years of abuse in 1989. How’s that for setting a tone?


“Short Skirt/Long Jacket” – Cake


“Short Skirt” is a pretty perfect pairing with the cheeky spy intro of this NBC show.


“Echoes” – The Rapture


This U.K. show, now on Hulu (which stars a current Game of Thrones character as a pretty nice guy) is a dark comedy about teens in England who become accidental, horrible superheroes. The Rapture’s “Echoes” as its start is the perfect maelstrom of recklessness and volume to complement it.


Mad Men
“A Beautiful Mine” – RJD2


The intro to ‘Mad Men’ is already one of the greatest ever already in terms of creativity, but alongside a calculated RJD2 track that is both dramatic but rides a swanky bassline and clean percussion—well, it’s pretty much the show in sonic form.


Rescue Me
“C’mon C’mon” – The Von Bondies


The show, which tells the story about New York City firefighters post-9/11, is complemented well by this grungy Detroit rock band.


Veronica Mars
“We Used to be Friends” – The Dandy Warhols


Kristen Bell’s high school comedy-drama theme song is peppy, catchy, and goes along great with ‘Veronica”s tone. For the third season, after many cast members exited the show, they opted for a slightly stripped down (sadder, some say) version:


“I’ll Be Your Man” – The Black Keys


HBO’s “Hung” wasn’t on for too long, but it followed a struggling Dad turned accidental escort who happens to be, well, you can probably guess. Naturally, the Black Keys’ song about being someone’s  man is an obviously great pick for a theme song.


The O.C.
“California” – Phantom Planet


Maybe this wasn’t your favorite TV show, but the song is pretty much a dead ringer for the drama’s tone, besides being a great track.


True Blood
“Bad Things” – Jace Everett


The intro to ‘True Blood’ is one of the best on television today. Everett’s song, which croons “I wanna do bad things to you,” is evocative, sexy, and dangerous—all of which are cornerstones of the show.




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