‘True Blood’ Recap: A Proposal, A Wake, and a Betrayal or Two

By Alyssa Pereira

This week, Sookie mourned the loss of Alcide and Lafayette threw a party—which wouldn’t have seemed like major plot points if they weren’t happening at the same time, at the same house.

After Sookie returned home following the rescue of Arlene, Holly, and those captured by the infected vampires, the weight of Alcide’s death caught her suddenly. Lafayette came over and told her to get some rest, and agreed to stay until Sookie woke up. She did, almost a full day later, to the house decorated like a Mardi Gras feast with velvet tablecloths and “enough food to feed the town.” Lafayette had decided to throw a party in Alcide’s memory.

The town came over (that is, everyone not infected in the town). The first person to arrive? Bill Compton—with a batch of daisies in hand. This healing process is a weird one, but everyone is trying to make sense of it together. That’s the spirit of Bon Temps in trouble—others will die, and they surely know that, but in the meantime, all they can do is enjoy the bit of time with each other before things really hit the fan. Human drama never felt so good.

Lettie Mae drugs the reverend so she can sneak out to the party. Sure, she’s probably fired up about all the vampire blood hanging around one place, but she also wants to mourn Tara publicly. When she arrives at Sookie’s Lettie Mae delivers the most eloquent thing she’s ever said—essentially saying that Tara was a hero. It was beautiful, and we think for a moment that maybe Lettie is making turns for the better—until she grabs a steak knife and stabs Willa because she wants her blood. Well, that was short-lived. Moving on…

Jessica is pretty over James, whether or not she’s ready to admit it. Lafayette, on the other hand, is all about James. James confesses to him that when he was beaten before he was made, it was at the hands of his (male) lover’s father, who found out what their relationship really was. And then they get it on in a car nearby. Jessica finds them and runs inside. James runs after her, and Jason, hearing what’s going on, rescinds his invitation. Sorry dude, you can’t cheat on your girlfriend at the party she’s at and expect everyone to be ok with that. Seems like common sense, right?

Apparently not, since Jason does the same thing not 30 minutes later with Jessica in the bathroom. Violet hears the whole thing happen and disappears. Be afraid, Jason—Violet is the physical embodiment of the phrase, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

Meanwhile, in Texas, Eric and Pam track down Sarah Newlin, who is searching for her parents to help get her out of this crazy mess. The Yakuza are looking for her (and she doesn’t even know about Eric and Pam on her back) and they follow her to a Republican convention where her parents are raising money for their next candidate. Naturally the Yakuza emerge, kill everyone, and when they reach Sarah, she has Eric’s grip around her neck. But before he finishes the job, he squishes the face of the head gangster Yakuza. That’s rage, if I’ve ever seen it.

Next, we cut to Bill, who has arrived home after the party. All day he’s been having flashbacks about his Civil War days. He’s anti-slavery, to the chagrin of his comrades, but he can’t desert for fear of his family being killed. In present day, he takes a bath to get all this craziness off of his mind. He gets out of the tub, and we see the familiar black veins creeping up his chest. OH NO NOT YOU TOO BILL!



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