The Fast Foodie: Burger King’s Rodeo Burger

By The Fast Foodie

After Burger King made the bold statement and unveiled the “Proud Whopper” during 2014 Pride in San Francisco, I decided that they deserved a Fast Foodie visit to try their Rodeo Burger.

Before I ventured out to Burger King, I did my journalist due diligence and extensively researched the Rodeo Burger. Okay, I just went to, but my clicker finger got a nice workout. What I found was that the Rodeo Burger is in fact listed as a menu item online which surprised me as in the past it was one of BK’s classic off-menu items.

When I got to the actual Burger King, The Rodeo Burger was nowhere to be found on the promotional signage nor on the giant-sized menu behind the counter. I stared dumbfounded at the menu looking more like a visitor from a foreign planet than a seasoned fast food veteran.

Sheepishly I approached the counter and asked, “Can I get a Rodeo Burger?”

“Would you like a combo?” Asked the chipper burger salesman without a second of hesitation, “Regular or medium?”

I had succeeded! I grabbed my drink cup and awaited the burger with my friend whose ginger beard bares a striking resemblance to The King. (No — I have never seen them together — so the jury is still out on that one.)

Side Note: If you have not been actually inside a fast food restaurant in the past few years, you should if only to see the new soda machines. It one giant machine that contains every different flavor you can imagine. Plus you can mix and match! The advancements in soda technology are staggering.

The Description:

The Burger King Rodeo Burger “features a savory fire-grilled beef patty topped with sweet and spicy BBQ sauce and crispy, golden onion rings served on a toasted, sesame seed bun.”

At first glance the Rodeo Burger looked a little small but what it lacked in size it made up for in taste. Crispy onion rings with the BBQ sauce perfectly complemented. Simple flavors that just worked together.

Side note: While enjoying my BK feast I noticed an elderly security guard to my right sitting alone. My first thought was a bit melancholy until I noticed he was eating Carl’s Jr.! How dare you, sir! That’s like bringing your mistress to your in-laws for supper. Not cool.

By the time the meal was finished we all agreed on two main elements.

1) With a combo it was a perfectly sized meal for about $4.
2) Try to customize your Rodeo Burger because the basic is just bun, meat, rings and BBQ sauce.

That being said, I give the Burger King Rodeo Burger 4 Coronaries.

4 Coronaries
coronary01 The Fast Foodie: Burger Kings Rodeo Burger coronary01 The Fast Foodie: Burger Kings Rodeo Burger coronary01 The Fast Foodie: Burger Kings Rodeo Burger coronary01 The Fast Foodie: Burger Kings Rodeo Burger


Nutritional Info
Calories Carbs Fat Sodium Protein
French Fries 340 49g 15g 480mg 4g
Medium Dr. Pepper 250 68g 0g 60mg 0g
Rodeo Burger 310 38g 13g 450mg 9g
Total Dish 900 155g 28g 990mg 13g





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