‘True Blood’ Recap: The Battle At Fangtasia

By Alyssa Pereira

In Bon Temps, death isn’t really the end, at least as far as plot lines go. Last night’s episode brought back a few characters from seasons past (deceased ones too) who give even more depth to the living characters.

At the beginning of the episode we find Jason on the phone with Hoyt (who has been made to not remember their friendship), telling him his mother has passed, and Sookie on the phone with Alcide’s father. The looming feeling is that they’ve both realized they’re alone in the familial sense, though they’re a bit unaffected because of experience: the Stackhouses have lost both their parents, and have now lost too many others to count. Death has become normalcy, especially these days.

But that sentiment rears them to action. Holly has been saved, but Nicole and Arlene are still locked up somewhere and Sookie’s not about to let them meet their death. She rounds up as many vampires as she can to rescue them, including a half-sincere Pam, who is gradually growing more compassionate (to her own chagrin).

Meanwhile, Pam and Eric touch down in Shreveport so Eric can see Willa before he dies. Pam hates Shreveport, as she complains, but the occasion prompts her to tell Eric the real truth behind the roots of Fangtasia—and surprise—the whole thing was Ginger’s idea, and Pam stole it from her (thanks glamouring!) “Do  you still love me?” she asks Eric. “Always,” he replies. It’s an odd one, but it’s hard to think of another couple on the show who love each other as much as Pam and Eric, as consistently as they have.

Sookie convinces Holly to let her read into her brain, so she can figure out where Arlene and Nicole are being kept. She eventually obliges, and Sookie and the usual suspects (along with James’ bandmates—ok…?) head off to fight off some v-infected vamps.

Willa is pissed at Eric for leaving her at two weeks old, but he commands her to table it and come along. They head to Fangtastia (where the hostages are) and with the help of Sam as a rat, assess the situation. It’s not good: they’ve just taken Arlene and are feeding on her.

They need to move fast, so they station Bill at the back and Eric and Sookie (with her delicious faery blood) acting as a diversion. They stage an attack, and it doesn’t really appear that anyone on the good guys’ side meets the true death. Bill stakes Vince the new mayor/anti-vamp vigilante in the head as he’s about to shoot Jessica, but other than that, no one of real significance dies this week.

Arlene, drained of some serious blood, appears very pale. She’s hallucinating and about to give up when Terry appears to her, convincing her to stay on Earth for the kids. Sookie, tuning into her brain, sees the whole thing. Arlene passively feeds on Keith (James’ vampire band’s drummer) who, as Arlene realizes when she wakes up, is not in fact Terry, but it doesn’t matter—she’s alive! Hooray.

Eric, on his way out with Pam to track down Sarah Newlin, shoots Sookie a knowing goodbye look. This may be the last time he sees her, but they’re leaving each other on as good of terms as we can hope.

Until next week!


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