True Blood Recap: Enter the Yakuza, Exit the Sanity

By Alyssa Pereira

NO. NOT YOU ALCIDE. Our dear Alcide, one of the very few not-crazy Bon Tempe-ians passed last night at the hands of a few crazy gun-hungry townies. It was a psychotic rapid montage of events, starting with Sookie cutting her arm open to attract V-infected vamps as Bill watched from a tree above. Sure enough, they came running but the infected vampires turned out to be a bit more agile than they thought and Bill ended up almost getting the shaft.

Luckily, were-Alcide jumped up to snatch that stake right out of crazy vamp’s hand. Whew. All was calm for a second (a very, very brief second) until those proverbial pitchfork-weilding villagers sprayed their silver bullets all over Andy, Jessica, Alcide, and Jason (Violet was washing Sookie in the river to rid her of that infected black blood). Jessica was hit in the shoulder, and Alcide took a bullet right to the head. Pretty sad. We’ll miss his abs. (Maybe that’s just me.)

Now let’s back-track. Not a whole lot happened to our main characters in Bon Temps. Other than Sookie revealing to Bill that she doesn’t really love Alcide (which, duh), not too much happened at home.

We did learn a bit about Eric though. At the end of the last episode, Pam found Eric in France, where he went to reminisce about what was probably the last time he fell in love (it was the 80s, her name was Sylvie, and she was a winemaker’s daughter). Back then, the Japanese makers of Tru Blood, the Yakinomo Corporation, wanted Eric’s help for their new invention and they weren’t going to stop at anything to get it. Nan Flanagan, a representative for the Authority, went to go fetch him, but he declined to go (with not-so-nice language), which pissed off Pam and the Authority, and—yup—the Yakinomo Corp. The Yakuza were just not having that, so they went on down to the Rhone to give Eric a piece of their mind. They wrapped up Sylvie and Pam with knives to their throats, forcing Eric to choose between them. He chose Pam, of course, but it was a tearful bonne nuit to his bebe français.

And now, almost three decades later, the Yakuza came back, this time for the perpetually fanatical Sarah Newlin, noted vampire-hater and reborn yogi and Buddhist (?). But the Yakuza aren’t the only ones wanting Sarah’s head—her being alive was the only thing to rouse Eric, hellbent on retribution, from giving up on undead life.

In other details, Jessica’s boyfriend James has a crush on Lafayette and also Lafayette is pretty much addicted to prescription meds. Lettie Mae is still a drug addict, and the reverend revoked the invitation of their protector, the baby vamp Willa (Eric’s progeny) to keep her away from Lettie Mae. Sam has been outed as a shapeshifter to the town, and is pretty much not the mayor anymore. Violet got pissed off at Hoyt’s mom for shooting Jessica (surprising, since she hates Jessica because of her previous relationship with Jason), and literally ripped her heart out.

With the death’s of Tara and Alcide this season, we know two things—anyone can die at any time (although even if Pam felt Tara experiencing the true death, I’m still not quite convinced she’s gone completely), and that those that act as voices of reason in the show are the first ones to go. Tara and Alcide are two major characters who made a point of leveling Sookie and not putting up with BS from anyone—and look how far that got them. The people of Bon Temps don’t seem to much like anyone with a brain grounded in the real world, even if they aren’t quite 100% human. That being said, I’m guessing it won’t be long til level-headed characters like the Reverend and Arlene go too.

Now onward: will there be a Sookie/Bill relationship revival? We’ll find out next week!


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