The Fast Foodie: 7-Eleven’s Doritos Loaded

Over the last year 7-Elevens around the country have been rolling out more hot and fast food options. Once the land of Big Bite hot dog, the convenience store now serve pizza, wings, chicken tenders, and the brand new Doritos Loaded.

I live in very close proximity to a 7-Eleven and have been known to haunt its Formica aisles in search of much needed sustenance so when my local store got plastered with ads for the Doritos Loaded I jumped at the chance.

What is the Doritos Loaded?

Basically, think of it in terms of a mozzarella stick – gooey cheese wrapped in a fried breading. The twist is the cheese is more like the processed nacho cheeze that you put on low rent nachos , the breading is Doritos flavoring, and they are shaped like over-plumped chips.

If at this point I have not lost you to a curse-ridden Kanyesque rant on the downfall of the American flavor palate then you will probably like the Doritos Loaded. Don’t worry, you are not the convenience store’s target audience and can enjoy you kale and high-mindedness elsewhere.

If you happen to be walking home from a bar and any shameful food concoction from a convenience store sounds like a good idea, then stop in and enjoy! Make sure you ask for fresh ones as it only takes about 3 minutes in the 7-Eleven super oven.

No nutritional information was posted at at the time of writing but you can imagine it is not good for you. Come on it’s nacho cheese stuffed Doritos.

That being said, I give the Doritos Loaded 2 and 1/2 Coronaries.

2 1/2 Coronaries




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