By Alyssa Pereira

This was kind of a sad week in the US, mostly because our boys in white off in Brazil were picked off of the World Cup schedule. Luckily, we’re looking forward to a bright (literally) weekend in the US. Here are the week’s buzziest stories, from a felon catching a break, to where to catch some FIREWORKS!


The US is knocked out of the World Cup, the country kind of grieves, but TIM HOWARD!

The US’ butt was kicked by Belgium on Tuesday, which sucks, but at least we still have Tim Howard. The super-keeper set Twitter ablaze with his otherworldly skills in the net, proving that while we may be out of the Cup, we still birthed the greatest keeper (and Secretary of Defense) in history. The hashtag #ThingsTimHowardCouldSave immediately started trending, and the rest is 140-characters in history.

BONUS! If you’re bummed that the US is out, but you still want to root for team, try our flowchart for your best fit.


Here’s where to see some FIREWORKS!

Woooweeeeee! Who doesn’t love fireworks AND America? We put together a big ole list of the best spots in the Bay to catch the fireworks shows. Check out what’s happening near you.


A death metal band will play in a soundproof iron box until there isn’t any more air

File this one under “bad ideas.” A death metal band called Unfathomable Ruination is helping out a Portuguese artist named João Onofre in his project, titled “Box Sized Die” where he invites bands to play in a soundproof iron box until the oxygen in there runs out. Onlookers will only be able to see the box vibrating, and the band will experience playing an “intense and brutal” set.


Facebook has been manipulating your mood with mind experiments

WTF Facebook? You think you can just serve up some bummer news and play with our feelings? Apparently, yeah. Nearly 700,000 Facebookers were subjected to news that was happy or sad, in an effort to see how social media influences moods. We’d say more but this is giving us the sads.


Sexy felon with the mugshot heard round the world signs a legit modeling contract

Things are looking surprisingly bright for the sexy Stockton felon, whose mugshot caused quite a stir in Internetland over the past couple weeks. Jeremy Meeks signed with an agent earlier this week, who promptly got him signed to Blaze, a modeling agency based in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, we’re guessing Meeks won’t get to shoot in any exotic locales anytime soon, because, you know, parole.


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