Soon-To-Be Cat Café Gets Signs Lease for Location in Oakland

It’s a meow-ricle! Oakland’s Cat Café, which will be called Cat Town Cafe raised $40,000 this last winter and has finally signed a 5-year lease in Oakland at 2869 Broadway at 29th Street. Currently, it is set to open in September.

The Cat Café project comes from “Cat Man of West Oakland” and recording engineer Adam Myatt and Ann Dunn, the founder of Cat Town, a nonprofit cat rescue organization that helps save them from being euthanized, in conjunction with Oakland Animal Services.

Essentially, the café will facilitate cat adoptions by bringing cats into a play area decorated with adorable mini Oakland landmarks. Purr-recious.

The food and drink section will of course be separated from the cat play area in the interest of sanitation, though Myatt tells SF Eater that they’ll be offering coffee, snacks, and tea from East Bay companies.

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