Happy Canada Day! Here Are 4 Canadians Behaving Badly

By Bradford Hornsby

Today is Canada Day and we all can celebrate our neighbors to the north with an ice-cold Molsen and an order of poutine (French Canadian gravy and cheese fries!). Kick back and think about some of the great imports we’ve gotten from our Maple Leafed friends like Neil Young, Mike Meyers, Alex Trebek, Peter Jennings, and more.

Unfortunately, Canadians have taken a ding in the last year and here are the four major culprits!


Avril Lavigne:

Since last Canada Day the Ontario-born pop star has made two major missteps. First, she arguably put a dark stain on Canada Day 2013 by wedding Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger! You can’t take the country’s day and use it to form your own strange Canadian power couple (super-group eh?).

Her second issue since July 1, 2013 was with her video for the track “Hello Kitty.” As soon as it was released it was derided for it racist portrayal of the Japanese.

Avril responded, “RACIST??? LOLOLOL!!! I love Japanese culture and I spend half of my time in Japan.”

Judge for yourself below:


Robin Thicke:

Thicke had one of the biggest hits in recent years with his song “Blurred Lines” and its NSFW video. Since then he has been twerked on by Miley Cyrus, got sued by the Marvin Gaye Estate, had salacious backstage picture surface, admit to spending $500,000 on marijuana, and been dumped by his movie star wife Paula Patton.

To add insult to injury he got slammed in a recent Twitter Q and A and he made the somewhat pathetic gesture of naming his upcoming album Paula.


Rob Ford:

The list of issues surrounding Canadian politician Rob Ford are numerous including public drunkenness, drinking and driving, and illegal drug use. After going so far as admitting to smoking crack, Ford refused to resign as mayor of Toronto.


Justin Bieber:

The Biebs has been no stranger to controversy. It is a familiar story of child star growing up and getting in drug and alcohol related problems. The biggest came this year when he was arrested for DUI and drug possession in Florida.

Here are the list of other headlines from Bieber:


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