True Blood Recap: Jason and Eric Get Down, St. Alice is Dead, and Everybody Has the Sads

By Alyssa Pereira

About halfway through watching ‘True Blood’ last night, you start to realize that the range of emotions that you’re going to experience from watching this season are restricted to the spectrum between surprise, shock and sadness. This season is about bleak revenge. It’s about merciless retribution. But, most importantly, it’s about choices made in desperation, and none of these really make for light-hearted entertainment.

But that’s where ‘True Blood’ has been heading. Even Sookie, the happiest character on the show, has finally boarded the bummer train. She takes one more look at the murdered girl she found in the woods, who has just been ID’d as coming from from Saint Alice “just two towns over” and delivers a morbid descant on the “brutal indifference of life”—eesh.

Bouts of hope and happiness are becoming harder and harder to come by as the vampires, sick and hungry, are slowly taking over the parishes. Sex is an escape from dejection, which we very quickly learn at the beginning of the episode, when Jason, the straightest dude in the South, has a dream about getting with Eric. He wakes up in a church, happy though a bit confused, and though he doesn’t immediately care for what the dream means (as he knows drinking Eric’s blood means he will have dreams like this), we care for two reasons. First, WHOA. That was super scandalous. And second, we know that because Jason having this dream means Eric is still alive. YAYS.

The rest of the town is still reeling from the aftermath of the attack at not-Merlotte’s restaurant a few days prior and are made to tidy up the place before Arlene is rescued to keep them very busy and very not panicky. Vince and his anti-vamp cronies, though, aren’t having that, and they march in and stir up the residents, convincing them they need to protect themselves by storming the police station for armory. Adilyn and Wade try to warn police officer Kenya that gun-hungy (gungry?) townspeople are coming for weapons, but she is pulled over to the dark side and teaches the newly-converted Bon Temps residents how to shoot. Adilyn is sort of attacked, and Jessica senses it, but it’s 1:29 pm and there’s nothing baby vamp can do about it—Andy isn’t answering and Sookie left her dumb cell phone in the woods. Commence freakout.

Meanwhile, Andy, Sookie, Alcide, Sam, and Jason go to Saint Alice to find the dead girl’s house in an attempt to get clues as to where Arlene and friends are being kept. What they actually find is a ghost town, which, thanks to Jason’s “pizza forensics” we know has been that way for almost three days. Saint Alice has been completely abandoned—all human residents are dead and all vampires have moved on to look for more food. The buildings have been painted with “FEMA HELP US,” “SOS,” and various bible verses, which means the show is getting pretty real. Sookie finds the dead girl’s diary, discovering the deceased was in love with a vampire, which leads Sookie to draw parallels to her own life. She begins to realize she might actually still kind of love Bill.

Tara’s still dead, and Mama Lettie has begun to use her grief as a vehicle to score some V (whether or not she actually thinks it’s justified to take). She tells herself that Tara is speaking to her from beyond and she can only hear her when she’s on V. Watch out Lettie, this is a slippery slope. In any case, she hallucinates Tara, crucified with a snake around her neck, playing both Jesus and Eve, symbolizing both the act of committing original sin, and the act of absolving it. In Lettie’s mind, Tara lives between heaven and Earth, and her existence is now a wash—she can neither live in heaven nor hell, and thus needs Lettie’s help to get to heaven. In one last bout of desperation, fanatic Lettie is going to try to get her there. Bear in mind, we’re not even 100% sure Tara is actually dead, so good luck with that Mama.

Arlene is slowly emerging as a hero. The poor woman has been continuously dealt really garbage hands for pretty much the entirety of the show, and seems to finally reaching her breaking point. “I did not survive four lousy husbands, a serial-killer boyfriend and the sort-of suicide of my love Terry, to die in the dingy basement of a vampire bar,” she exclaims to the women in the room. That’s great, and admirable, but things aren’t looking good, especially when their biggest chance of escaping, the elementary teacher-turned-vampire who has promised to release them literally melts in Arlene’s lap. Unless she has left behind a set of keys, they’re still stuck in the dark.

Lastly, Pam finally finds Eric. Hurrah! Except, there’s one caveat—it looks like he’s been infected with V. That only leaves a season to save the Viking!


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