In 2010, New York magazine contributing editor Jennifer Senior’s cover story All Joy and No Fun set of a firestorm of responses in the media and blogosphere…Obviously a hot topic!

So Jennifer expanded her research and writing, resulting in the new book All Joy and No Fun: The Paradox of Modern Parenting.

She emphasizes that this is not a How to Parent book…it’s a look at scientific research about people with kids…and it includes up close research by Jennifer…she hung out with a number of different families, in their homes, to get a feel for what other parents are going through…

One of the things she found and was eager to share with parents: whatever you’re going through is probably not that out-of-the-ordinary!

She also talks about the changing role of the child in the family…pre-WWII, kids worked for their keep in the home (so to speak) and perhaps worked outside the home (child labor…not a good thing)…and post WWII, the kids are coddled and hovered over…and everyone, parents and kids, go on and on about the need, or right, to be “Happy!”



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