The Space Station Museum In Novato

The Space Station Museum at Pacheo  Plaza in Novato is a privately funded, volunteer-run space exploration museum that is operated by the 501c3 non-profit corporation, The W Foundation…the foundation owns one of the largest private collections of U.S., Russian and Soviet space exploration artifacts.

The W Foundation believes there’s a need to have permanent space exhibits in the Bay Area to help educate children about the exciting history of space exploration, and to increase the public’s understanding that a strong global commitment toward future space travel is an important key to accelerating our civilization’s development.

The emphasis of the always-changing exhibits is on the history of space exploration, and how discoveries in science and technology allowed the U.S. to be a leader in space travel.

California is the birthplace of America’s spacecraft such as the X-Planes, the Apollo Command Module, the Space Shuttle, the Hubble Telescope, Spaceship One and the robotic rovers that are currently roaming Mars.

The Space Station is an innovation in museum exhibits…it uses vacant commercial space…and the public gains a new education venue in their local neighborhood.

Ken Winans is the co-founder of The W Foundation and the Space Station Museum:

Space Station Museum
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