Bay Area Spare The Air Days

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District is the agency that monitors air pollution in the Bay Area. They’re the ones who call the Spare the Air Days when air quality is poor. Wood burning is not allowed on those days.

What exactly goes into the air when you burn wood in your indoor or outdoor fireplace? What are the health risks of breathing that polluted air?

What are the biggest causes of pollution in the winter and in the summer? There are seasonal differences.

The Air District started in 1955 when it became apparent that someone needed to be keeping tabs on air pollution in the Bay Area. The biggest source of air pollution back then was from people burning garbage in their backyard. The Air District put a stop to that, despite protests from many…and guess what? Air quality got a lot better!

You can find out ways to reduce air pollution and you can always check to see if today is a Spare the Air Day by going to the Spare the Air website.

Lisa Fasano is the Air District spokesperson.

Spare the Air
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