Sunday Magazine With Liz Saint John 12.08.2013

Liz Saint John interviews three guests every Sunday morning covering a variety of issues and topics. She talks with representatives from Bay Area non-profit organizations, documentary filmmakers, authors, and professors.

1. Psychiatrist Dr. Seymour Boorstein explains how different parts of our brain react at different speeds and in different ways, often making for challenging relationships, even with those we like or love. His new book is Who’s Talking Now?

2.Writer David Laskin talks about his research into his family’s history and the resulting book, The Family: Three Journeys into the Heart of the Twentieth Century.

3.Rising from Ashes is a documentary about the making of Team Rwanda, a cycling squad of young men who lived through the Rwandan genocide. Team Rwanda had been used as a model for developing cycling teams in other African nations. The ultimate goal is to qualify an all-African cycling team for the Tour de France.

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