‘I Need Meat’ The Gag Reel

Author: Uzette

The response to Uzette’s “I Need Meat” video has been insane! Thousands watched the video many times over and yet many wanted more. Luckily we had plenty of footage to put together to make one hilarious gag reel. These are shots from the making of the “I Need Meat, Everyday” music video that didn’t quite make it and almost hit the cutting room floor.

PHOTOS: Behind-The-Scenes of “I Need Meat, Everyday!”

So rather than wasting it away in obscurity, we wanted to share some of the out takes, the bloopers and much of the shots that showed how much fun the video was to make.

Uzette’s “I Need Meat, Everyday” (credit: Alice@97.3)

We hope you enjoyed watching!

Just in case you missed it… here’s the original video:

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