Let’s get real: Winter is about to end, and that ambitious healthy New Year’s resolution didn’t last too long. If you are as fanatic about staying fresh and in shape like me then I have some of my favorite beauty tricks right here for you.


breville juicer LADY ON A DIME: Petras Favorite Beauty Tricks

Why eat vegetables when you can simply drink them? I have had my Breville Juicer for more than 7 years now, and love giving my body a simple morning boost with a variety of juices to enhance my skin and body. Check out fun recipes here.


banana LADY ON A DIME: Petras Favorite Beauty Tricks

Don’t seduce yourself with treats around the house. Rule number 1 for a healthy diet: Don’t keep chips, chocolates and other “bad” snacks around the house. It’s like trying to break up with that guy who’s nothing but trouble – the more often he’s over at your house, the less likely you’ll meet someone who’s healthy for you.

Rule number 2: Keep healthy snacks at your house instead! Here are my top quick n’ easy fave’s: Applesauce, Kale chips, Any Dried or Dehydrated Fruit, Melted Coconut Oil with Cocoa Powder & Mashed Banana, 0 % Greek  Yoghurt  mixed with Ground Apples, Raisins and Cinnamon, and lastly Roasted Seaweed. Basically anything without added sugar, low on carbs, and low on animal products. Check out Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s for most of these goodies.


beauty sleep

You probably know the deal: the best sleep is before midnight and lasts 8 hours. Refresh your body, mind and skin with a nice, deep 8 hour sleep, and you will see you how much better you feel and look. I prefer to sleep with a noise-masking device (white noise machine) and dark curtains for even better results.


yoga2 LADY ON A DIME: Petras Favorite Beauty Tricks

Your body needs exercise. There’s just no way around it. I’m aware of your busy schedule but you NEED to sneak in a few hours per week, and devote it to your one and only body. Take some yoga classes, run a few miles on the treadmill or outdoors (preferably non-asphalt floors), or stay at home with a Pilates video. I do all of the previously mentioned exercises about 3 hours per week, and mix them up interchangeably.


jogging LADY ON A DIME: Petras Favorite Beauty Tricks

Treat yourself to some fun sports gear, and look good while sweating. I enjoy  bright running shoes and shorts, sports bras and good quality yoga pants. Check out Target for some good deals on a nice selection. They make me feel more energetic, and I simply love the fact that I get away with wearing lots of bright colors at once.


One of the most important skin beauty tips! WEAR SUNSCREEN! Enough said!

sunscreen LADY ON A DIME: Petras Favorite Beauty Tricks


The more you drink the less hungry you are. Sometimes we eat because we are thirsty. Sounds strange but it’s true. I have been making an effort to drink more green tea for the past 3 months, and have been eating much less. A simple beauty trick your body will thank you for.


Enjoy my beauty tips, and don’t hesitate to contact me through Petra’s Fashion Facebook.


Petra O.

Petra O.

Your CBS Fashion Expert


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