Uzette’s Reality Round Up: ‘Bar Rescue’ With Jon Taffer

Jon Taffer is a thirty year veteran of the restaurant and bar scene. He has turned around an estimated 600 businesses. He knows what he’s talking about.

Owners call Jon in because they are failing and he often is the last resort. We always hear about bars/restaurants going out of business and often times families are involved in the biz together. This can be detrimental for the family as well as the biz …

The episodes always begin with a little history of the bar in question. Jon’s team sets up hidden cameras and a decoy team is sent in to test customer service and get overall opinion of the bar.

Jon makes every position accountable for their area: general manager, bartenders, chef, and kitchen help as well as servers. John is not afraid of getting down and dirty. He brings in a few experts which are familiar with the style of the bar.

Throughout the episodes, Jon screams and yells. Gets in their face. He tests the biz out for bacteria, kitchen failures, food temps … the man is a beast!!! Talk about – no-nonsense!!! Next stop – the stress test. The idea is to test for speed on drink making and overall quick customer service, food quality and basic problem solving that should be second nature to successful businesses.

The expert chef watches kitchen staff and by the end of the episode – the expert re-invents the menu and teaches the crew new and creative ways on how things should be cooked. Often, people get fired if they slack off or are simply not wanting to be a part of the new and improved team.

Jon makes no exceptions! Excellence is the only option. He gets inside people’s heads and makes them believe in themselves again. As the “bar rescuer” he brings the passion and fire back to the entire staff.

New techniques are always learned … from customer service to cocktails to food to learning how to better manage the books. Taffer also gives them a promotional and layout design plan.

Then, he shuts the place down and guts it! Sometimes it may require a new bar concept, which can be a huge fight with the owners. In the end, Jon brings them around. After all, they called him cause they need his 30 years of expertise.

The big reveal is always incredible! The bar looks amazing and everyone is so happy. Jon gives the location character and individuality.

Final test … bar re-opens and Jon decides who can stay, who needs more training and who has to be fired.

Mr. Taffer knows his stuff and it is so fun to watch! A no-nonsense man with a plan! Love him!

Catch the show on Spike TV!!!!

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