Uzette’s Reality Round-Up: ‘Shahs Of Sunset: The Reunion Show Part 1’

I have been wondering why I like reality TV so much. Well, it has all the things life encompasses … good times and bad times. In this genre you get drama, sex, addictions and relationships of all kinds. And even the occasional heartfelt moment, go figure! Reality TV helps me get away from all my thoughts: work and family.

Let’s talk “Shahs of Sunset: the Reunion Show Part 1” … now, this is what I saw …

Damn! Did you see Lilly’s hair? Whatever it was, wig or extensions, it was the worst, ever … Chia Pet, for sure! The poor thing felt she needed to defend herself by pulling out paperwork for her business and all her luxury vehicles … a little much? I do like the fact that she admitted to having a twig up her booty. She is a bit of a downer when it comes to having fun. Lilly actually handled MJ with some kindness and finished it off with some very funny insight into MJ’s body language. Lilly said every time MJ was lying she looked down. Lilly being a lawyer reads body language and she may have a point.

Not too much to say about Reza. He seems to stick to his guns. I truly believe he feels like he is doing the right thing. At the end of the day, he really does care about his friends. His attire often baffles me, but who am I to judge a gay man’s fashion sense?

Am I the only one who couldn’t help but notice Mike’s teeth? Those things could help me find my way through a dark nightclub, any night! He seems like a good dude; always willing to be the mediator.

Although Mike is still not a major player in the show-yet, he recently shot some photos for Playgirl…if you’re into that. His line explaining how “my parents are proud”…really, dude? Ha ha we all know that is not the case.

Let’s move on to MJ-shall we? Unfortunately, as usual homegirl looked a hot mess. I felt bad watching her struggle through this particular episode. She was confronted by her friends accusing her of a drinking and pill-popping problem; both of which she denied. Reza even agreed that it’s been going on for twenty years! Oh swoowwww! MJ apologized to Lilly about everything, and of course, wanted to move on … Yet, it kept coming back to her substance issues. Very, very crunchy.

Speaking of crunchy, GG got completely psycho…did we expect anything else? Her anger management counseling needs to be stepped up – and quick! That lady gets a little scary, even for me! GG actually admits to her own medication, while trying to stick up for MJ. That my friend is admirable. She also admits that, yes, her pop is still supporting her…come on now, lady!

I saved the best for last … Asa! I’ve recently decided that I truly cannot stand her righteous ways. In the beginning, I thought that she was a proud Persian who was really representing … now, I find her calculatingly rude. Asa’s comment to Omid about, “thank you for not changing your big nose,” was ridic. She looked weirder than usual; with those drawn on thick eyebrows and plastered straight hair. She is my least fave person, I’ve decided.

Part 2 is coming up this Sunday on Bravo at 8pm.

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