There’s just no way around it: Hair is the ultimate sign of a ladies status. Most of us don’t have the time to style our mane for hours or get it blown out by a stylist so here are my top 5 tricks how to make your day a GREAT HAIR DAY…on a dime:
Pretty much the easiest hairstyle ever. Before bedtime wash and condition your hair with a light conditioner (instead of washing your hair you can also apply a light mousse from roots to ends). Towel dry your hair, section it into 2 to 3 parts, lace into braids, and tighten ends with elastic ties. In the morning carefully open braids, and most importantly DON’T use a brush. Instead separate hair with your fingers, and Voila! you have curls even Prince Charming can’t resist.
PS: Sleeping beauty hair looks great in pony tails too!
If your hair looks greasy from your natural oils or too many products lift your mood and hair with corn starch or baby powder (baby powder is a bit more difficult to brush out). Apply corn starch onto a makeup brush, and lightly dust your scalp. Wait 5 minutes, and then brush out starch with a regular hair brush. WOW EFFECT GUARANTEED!
Look like “money” rather than handing it over to your stylist. Ponytails are back Ladies! Achieve an elegant ponytail-look by using your own hair as a hairband. This style guarantees a polished appearance even when you’re overdue for shampoo-day. Form a ponytail but leave a piece from the bottom of the ponytail out. Wrap it around the base of the ponytail, then pin the ends of that strand down with bobby pins below the base of the ponytail so you can’t see the pins. To spice things up remember: Side ponytails are sexy too!
After deciding on your outfit complete your look with a matching scarf wrapped around your head. This easy quick-fix will ensure you “fashionista” status, and hide whatever needs to be hidden underneath. For a fuller look turn your head upside down, and spritz some volumizing spray onto your roots before your blow-dry, or back-comb sections to get them to stand away from your scalp. Now you can either leave your hair down, or lace it into a messy braid.
Since flat hair makes grays even more noticeable here’s my favorite quick trick to cover up those annoying small strands of gray hair: Swipe mascara that matches the rest of your hair onto those “Jay Lenos” and look 10 years younger. I prefer to use older mascara because it’s less smudgy and doesn’t leave clumps on my hair.
Enjoy your great hair day, and most importantly: smile when everything else fails!
Best, Petra O.
CBS Staff Writer
Petra O., a local San Francisco clothing designer and Fashion Week San Diego participant, is constantly involved in improving people’s fashion day by day. Good style doesn’t need to have a costly price tag, and with a few tricks anybody can achieve elegant style without starving one’s wallet.

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