Outside Lands is here! And if you’ve never been, or if you have and need some help navigating, here are some helpful survival tips to make the weekend fun and easy!


Well you can drive it you want but good luck getting there before Monday morning. Traffic is going to be atrocious, parking even worse, so figure out a way to get there without your car. If you still don’t chose to listen to me, just know that if you have a “good time” and need to leave your car, you’ll most likely end up with a ticket, because parking over night in the park is not allowed.

Rule Two: DON’T wear sandals

Ya it seems like an awesome idea, you’re saying to yourself that you’ll be outside, but save yourself the trouble and just don’t. You are very likely to have people step on you, spill something on your bare feet (think sticky gross) or just get dirty on the grass that will most likely be moist.

Rule three: Sunscreen, wear it.

Perhaps I sound like your mother, well sorry, it’s true. Even if it’s foggy, you’re going to be in the sun, and guess what that means you’ll burn. So don’t come to work Monday looking like a lobster because you neglected to put some sunscreen on.

Rule four: Know the rules (the formal ones that is)

Don’t bring things that aren’t allowed. You’re only going to end up having to lug them back to the car, or god knows where else. Camping equipment, like chairs aren’t allowed, and I don’t even know how you would hide a chair to sneak it in. Also, for all you over zealous people, just in case you were wondering, fireworks aren’t allowed either among other things, like glass and alcohol.

Rule five: Pack for DAY and NIGHT!

If you’re staying all day and into the evening, don’t forget to dress, or at least pack for night. It can get real cold real quick, and you wouldn’t want to be miserable for the big bands at night!
Hopefully these tips help with the crazy fun that is Outside Lands! Find transportation directions and info here! Have FUN everyone! and a special BIG welcome to all of you coming to the Bay Area for the first time! Check us out on the Alice website, while Marcus D and Vinnie from the morning show have live check ins at the concert!

Amber Ortiz is on twitter @AmberisAwesome

 CBS Staff Writer


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