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As new mom Alanis Morissette gears up for the August release of her brand new album Havoc and Bright Lights, she is also opening up about her own style of parenting, plus how she manages the fine balancing act of raising her son Ever and being a working mother.

In an interview that aired on Good Morning America, the singer revealed that she is letting Ever, who is almost 17 months old, decide when he’s done with breastfeeding, even if that’s when he’s “six years old.” And she agrees her methods may not be for everyone while also pointing that it’s whatever is “appropriate for that particular child and that mom and that family.”

Also important to her is making sure she is there for Ever whenever he needs her, even while she’s recording an album. When Alanis started to put together Havoc, she had the opportunity to make the recording process work in her favor instead of creating a daily commute for her and her family. She told CBS Local, “We basically built the studio in our house so I could be on call for him whenever he needed me or whenever I needed to breastfeed the door would knock. When I had a break, instead of waiting in a waiting room in a studio across the city, I was literally in his room or in the kitchen with him eating, so it was a perfect way to blend and I feel like it was a luxury to be able to make a makeshift studio happen in our living room.”

It’s the balance that all working mothers strive for, how to be there for your kids 24/7 and still work. She recognizes that her life and career allows her to achieve this balance a bit easier than most people can, but was really happy to have found that equilibrium all the same.

“It made me be able to see I can live my location and be a mom at the same time, and is it exhausting? Absolutely. But it’s possible.” She adds, “A lot of my girlfriends who are thinking of having kids…have these huge careers, and it’s terrifying. But it can be done and the first year or two just be prepared to live on coffee. Coffee became my best friend.”

And as fans can see too the singer still has her signature long hair. While new moms often wrestle with the idea of whether to go short during their child’s early years, Alanis mentioned to CBS Local that she’s found her own way of making it work in her favor.

“For purely practical reasons I should basically have a buzzcut because it’s such a pain in the ass, but I like the femininity of it. My hair is like a security blanket for me.” She goes on to say, “And it helps when I’m breastfeeding, I drape it over him and he’s hidden. I don’t have to have a huge controversy when I’m trying to get a coffee.”

Alanis Morissette’s Havoc and Bright Lights is due out this August.

– Heather Stas, CBS Local


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