“You were in Los Angeles last night, what do you think of LA…Are there any places that you like there?”

“Total sh*thole,” Gotye says with a wink and a smile under the hot Coachella sun. “Don’t go there…Nah, it’s a good town. Especially since there’s so many creative and interesting people around. That’s always exciting.”

KROQ’s Stryker leaps right into the interview, and although asked a million times, he must know who this musical genius’ Australian influences are.

“A band called Machine Translations are one of the best Australian band and projects ever… It’s a bit like my stuff.  It’s guy who kinda wraps a project of musicians around himself. His name is Jay Walker and he’s made about five or six records. They’re really sublime. People might know the Avalanches, they made an amazing record in 2000 called Since I Left You. That was a big inspiration.”

Talking about playing for the massive Coachella audience, KROQ’s Stryker asks if it’s easier or more difficult concentrating during the enormous shows.

“It’s just really different than playing in a dark club,” illuminates Gotye. “Visuals are a big part of the show we do and lighting…We’re playing just before the sun goes down so in broad daylight it feels really different. It’s challenging, yeah.”

Speaking on how he choose Kimbra to sing on “Somebody You Used To Know,” Gotye tells the story of seeing her at a small club in Melbourne and that “she was a star to be.”

“Her voice was incredible, she’s really versatile with what she can do with her voice,” continues Gotye. “It actually took the guy that was mixing my record to suggest that I should consider Kimbra for this track cause I’d been kicking it around for a while and I tried some different vocalists and it wasn’t sorta feeling right.”

“And I think I may have had a perception of Kimbra’s voice that actually made me think she might not be right for the track but I took Frank’s [mixer] advice and went ‘Alright, I’ll give her a call.'”She really liked the song and we just got together in her apartment in Melbourne and when she started singing the song I knew right away, ‘Wow, she’s gonna be amazing for this.'”

And he was right.

In an interview last weekend at the KROQ Coachella House, Kimbra voiced her opinion on what her voice brings to “Somebody That I Used to Know.”

“I think it’s something that everyone can relate to,” explains Kimbra.” That’s what everyone says, you know, but it’s true for people. It makes you feel a sense of unity with other people who have been through the same thing.”

“I feel special and blessed to be the person to sing that line for all the other women. It’s a complicated thing breaking up with someone.”

Gotye album Making Mirrors is available on Eleven Records via iTunes.

–Jay Tilles, CBS Local


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