Restaurant Review: Una Pizza Napoletana

I was just excited to have a viable pizza option near Slim’s in SOMA.  I had NO idea this place had such a cult following.  For classic Neapolitan pizza, some say Una Pizza Napoletana is the best of the best…

It was last Saturday, I had a show to get to at Slims.  Budgets were tight so we weren’t trying to do the latest 5 star craze or the impossibly expensive (with crappy service) sushi joint across the street. So I do what any self-respecting foodie does.  Pause 10 seconds and call up “pizza nearby” on my smartphone and up comes Una Pizza Napoletana(UPN for short).  The reviews are mixed, some understand the delicate ecosystem that is the classic Neapolitan pizza.  The joy is in the simplicity.  Dough…sauce…cheese…toppings.  Super thin crust which, in this case, is the star of the show. That’s it.  It’s all about fresh baby! 

A little background on UPN: Apparently the owner dropped everything and vacated NYC for SF where he installed a classic Neapolitan pizza oven, imported the freshest ingredients possible from the mother country and was off to the races.  The restaurant is half pizza joint and half art installation.  Minimalist to say the least, much like the pizza.

It is now the IT pizza joint to hit in SF and a GREAT experience!  My recommendations if you go:

  • Get there EARLY.  They serve from 5p to “whenever we run out of dough.”  That equates to about 150 pies.
  • Expect to wait for a table.  There aren’t many.
  • You won’t have to make a ton of choices.  This is a GOOD thing.  There are only 5 pies and NO MEAT.
  • Did I mention NO meat?  Prepare yourself accordingly.
  • The pizzas are $20 apiece and are meant to serve one. 
  • Due to the size of the pizza oven, they can only do 3 pizzas at a time.  If you are rolling four deep or more, you will have to share untill the  second round of pies come out.

All in all, GREAT experience.  Not your typical pizza run, but a totally different angle on the classic pie experience. Plus you’ll be able to say you’ve totally been there :). Enjoy!


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