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Want to get all the hottest buzz from Comic-Con without catching that nerd smell? Check out our total CC coverage right here all weekend long.

One of the biggest buzzes around Comic Con this weekend was the world premiere of Cowboys & Aliens, a movie which saw it’s hype begin at last year’s Comic Con when the trailer was debuted. Why the huge buzz? It’s because Comic Con megastars like Jon Favreau, Steven Speilberg and Harrison Ford all have their hands in this film.

This world premiere was unlike most Hollywood premieres – stars were rolling in by the dozens to catch what may be one of the biggest films of the year. The E! network was out hosting the red carpet arrivals, where makeshift bleachers were jam packed with throngs of fans dying for the chance to see their favorite stars. It’s easy to be jaded about premieres when you live in Los Angeles, and I think the people of San Diego and the fans that were out definitely appreciated the decision to have it down there.

How did I find my way into this? Thanks to my good friends at Imagine Entertainment (Ron Howard and Brian Grazer’s company) I was able to score myself a seat 3 rows in front of the beautiful Elisha Cuthbert and right behind Mac and Dee (Rob McElhenney and Kaitlin Olson) from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Before the movie started, director Jon Favreau brought out the entire cast to a tremendous roar from the crowd.

The premise of the movie is that an alien ship comes to take over Earth, beginning in the Wild West, which Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford and Olivia Wilde set out to destroy. The cast of this movie was incredible. Harrison Ford still has a swagger about him that demands respect – and his role as an ex-Army Colonel fits that persona well. Daniel Craig did a great job alongside Ford – matching his grittiness pound for pound. Anything with Olivia Wilde is sure to do great, especially when you add a “damn I almost got to see Olivia Wilde naked” scene. This movie was no exception for her, she looked great and played her role to the T.

From the top down this movie had all the pieces it needed. Aside from Favreau’s obvious skills, having producers like Speilberg and Ron Howard, who both have a great track record, helped make this movie top quality. The effects were great, the aliens were designed amazingly and they did a great job of blending crazy technology while still maintaining a Western feel, which was the ultimate goal. According to IMDB, Favreau was taking heat for not making the movie in 3D, maintaining his stance that Westerns should only be shot in film.

Instead of going into detail and spoiling the movie, all I’ll say is that you should definitely check this one out. The huge ovation at the end of the movie wasn’t purely for the fact that the entire cast was sitting in the theater among us, but it really did deserve it. I’m not a huge movie buff, but I really enjoyed this movie from start to finish.

dsc00008 Comic Con Review: Cowboys & Aliens World Premiere And After Party

After the movie was let out, we walked outside to where the red carpet and bleachers were, only to find that a giant party had now been set up with free booze and food all over the place. I’ve been to a few premiere parties, but this one was gigantic in comparison to those. It felt like there were thousands of people there. The only disappointing part is that most of the celebrities who showed up for the movie split immediately afterward. Even though cameras weren’t allowed, I managed to snag a picture of Adam Beach as I was collecting my small digital camera from the claim area. Mission accomplished? Maybe.


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