money385 01 e1281457113656 Top Ten: Biggest Lottery Payouts

The story of the Albany, NY state workers winning the lottery this week is so GREAT. They are all hard-working folks who will now collect approximately 20 million each. Jealous! (and did you hear, the dude who actually bought the ticket was SUPPOSED to buy the one before it… but some rude person cut him off as he reached for a Snickers bar, and bought the ticket he’d intended to buy.   Teaches us all not to cut anyone off at the register….)

As of January 2011, here’s the list of biggest payouts. *Drool*

1. $390 million won March 6, 2007. A couple in New Jersey became “retired immediately” when they split a $390 million jackpot with another winner March 6, 2007. A truck driver in Georgia was the other winner. To date, the $390 million jackpot from Mega Millions still stands as the largest won in U.S. history.

2. $365 million jackpot Feb. 18, 2006. Eight Powerball players at a ConAgra Foods plant in Lincoln, Neb., all pitched in to buy lottery tickets for the $365 million jackpot Feb. 18, 2006. One lucky ticket was the winner and they decided to split the earnings evenly which panned out to $15.5 million each after taking the lump sum payment.

3. $340 million for Powerball, Oct. 19, 2005. A family in Oregon doled out their winnings nine ways when they won a share of a prize Oct. 19, 2005. Powerball awarded the family of Robert and Frances Chaney a total of over $164 million in a one-time lump sum.

4. $336 million from Mega Millions, Aug. 28, 2009. The winnings were coast-to-coast as one winner came from California and the other New York for the Mega Millions jackpot of $336 million on Aug. 28, 2009. This figure eclipsed another big win for California in 2005.

5. $330 million split four ways Aug. 31, 2007. Mega Millions was again the payee of a $330 million jackpot to four winners on Aug. 31, 2007. The winners were from Maryland, Texas, New Jersey and Virginia.

6. $315 million won Nov. 18, 2005. California announced the Lucky 7 winners of $315 million from the Nov. 18, 2005, drawing. Each winner took home about $25 million before taxes and was the first jackpot winner for the state.

7. $314.9 million Powerball Dec. 26, 2002. Jack Whittaker and his wife won a record Powerball jackpot the day after Christmas in 2002. $314.9 million turned into the lump sum cash option of just over $170 million before taxes.

8. $314.3 million won Aug. 25, 2007. An Ohio family and their children claimed the only winning ticket of $314.3 million on Aug. 25, 2007. A former GM worker decided at the last second to buy the ticket which was turned into a cash option of $145 million before taxes.

9. $294 million Mega Millions, July 2, 2004. Geraldine Williams of Lowell, Mass., won $294 million as a 68-year-old cleaning lady. She has eight grandchildren and could have won $117 million after taxes if she took the lump-sum option.

10. $276.3 million, March 18, 2008. Eight women who worked in the Monongalia County tax office in West Virginia in mid-March 2008 took home a lottery prize of $276.3 million from Powerball. Each woman would receive $12 million after the cash option was paid out.

The original story is here.


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