Eight Traits Women Are Attracted To

charliesheen385 01 Eight Traits Women Are Attracted To

According to this survey women love bad boys! (Photo by Riccardo S. Savi/Getty Images)

Different women have different taste in men, but there are a few qualities that ALL women tend to go for. According to Ask Men.com, here are eight physical and psychological traits that women are biologically attracted to.

#1.) Bad Boys.  According to a study out of New Mexico State University, men who have “bad boy” traits usually have more sexual partners than other men.

–That’s because bad boys tend to be more aggressive when it comes to getting women in the sack. But biologically, women are attracted to them because their genetic material is perceived to be stronger than the DNA of other men.

#2.) Material Support.  There’s nothing surprising about the fact that women are drawn to men who can provide for them. But what IS surprising is the way men have adapted to it.

–Researchers at Arizona State University asked men if they’d spend $5,000 on luxury items to get noticed by women, and found that men in a, quote, “romantic mind frame” were more likely to than men in a “neutral mind frame.”

–That’s an overly-complicated way of saying that men are adapting to women’s evolutionary preference for men who can provide for them.

#3.) Smell.  Your natural smell is hugely important to women. Basically, if she likes the way you smell, it’s nature’s way of telling her that you two will make a good genetic match . . . and therefore have healthy offspring.

#4.) Feminine and Masculine Faces.  Depending on where they are in their monthly cycle, women have an innate preference for different types of male faces. During ovulation, women favor masculine male faces with strong jaw lines.

–At other times of the month. women find feminine male faces more attractive. In other words, women want to have sex with manly-men, but they want to have lasting emotional relationships with more feminine-looking men. So, good luck with that. (???)


#6.) Face symmetry.  We’ve all heard that facial symmetry is a trait that both men and women find desirable in the opposite sex.

–But a recent study found that women are more likely to ORGASM during sex with a man whose face is symmetric. Yeah, it’s that important.

#7.) Intelligence.  According to a recent survey of online daters, men were more likely to contact women with screen names that suggested physical attractiveness or sex appeal, while women went more for men whose screen names were intellectual.

#8.) A Great Conversationalist.  Women fix issues by talking about them. So when you talk to a women, she’s more likely to feel emotionally connected to you . . . and that usually translates to a physical connection as well.

(Ask Men)


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