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This is either great news about coffee, or terrible new about coffee… depending on what naughty parts you see when you look down. 

–According to a new study from Bristol  University in England, when woman drink coffee, it gives them a temporary boost in brainpower.  When men drink coffee, it has the opposite effect.

–In the study, some men and woman tried to do tasks like puzzles, negotiations, and memory challenges after drinking regular coffee, and some tried to do them after decaf. 

–Men had a lot more trouble with memory and decision-making when they were ratcheted up on caffeine compared to when they drank decaf. 

–Woman did better on all of the tasks after drinking regular coffee.

–The researchers say they’re not exactly sure when drinking coffee has opposite effects on the genders.

(Daily Mail) 

  1. MickyD says:

    Obviously, because men are already working at there optimal output when put to task, because that is what nature requires for survival. Woman, on the other hand, tend to not exert energy or make an effort unless they really have to and tend to do repetative task that don’t require much puzzle solving skills, so caffiene changes their chemistry and gives there brains a sense of urgency to get off their asses and do something.

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