Five Things That Happen in Movies, Not Real Life

hollywoodsign385 01 Five Things That Happen in Movies, Not Real Life

Photo by Trixie Textor/Getty Images

Some website made a list of things that happen all the time in movies, but never in real life. So it has absolutely no educational value, but it’s interesting … which is exactly what the Internet is for. Here are the top five.


#1.) Someone Mysteriously Disappears from a Street Corner When a Big Bus Drives By. Obviously that never happens in real life…unless the bus stopped, sat there for 30 seconds, and picked them up.

#2.) Hearing a Dial Tone When Someone Hangs Up on You. In real life, the line just goes silent. But in the movies, they always add a dial tone so the audience knows what’s happening.

#3.) Hackers Only Need a Few Seconds to Hack Into a Computer System. In reality, it’s not a one-step process at all. And even the best hackers might need hours or even MONTHS to hack into a heavily encrypted system.

#4.) Instant DNA Results. When police order DNA tests in the movies, they usually get the results a few days later, or even sooner. But in reality, most police departments have a backlog, and it takes months.

#5.) Making a Mad Dash to the Airport to Stop Someone You Love From Leaving. Maybe it actually DID happen…20 years ago. But in 2011 it makes no sense, because everyone has a cell phone.



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