Are Woman Losing Their "Female" Skills?

stickshift385 Are Woman Losing Their "Female" Skills?

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If you believe “The Courier Mail“, woman are in danger of losing their “female” skills. That’s basically a sexist way to say that woman today can’t do the kinds of things in the kitchen and the garden that their moms and grandmothers did. For example…

Only 51% of girls under 30 can cook a pot roast, compared to 82% of the woman who are baby boomers. Only 23% can grow a plant from a cutting, which 78% of their moms and grandmothers could do.

And only 40% of woman under 30 can drive stick, compared to 71% of older woman. At the same time: Over 70% say they take out the trash, 77% mow the lawn, and 70% wash the car.

(Courier Mail)


One Comment

  1. Marcus says:

    They also mention that men are more comfortable changing a diaper than changing a tire.
    There are probably fewer men and women that could repair a simple household appliance like a lamp, whereas back in the day it was fairly normal to replace vacuum tubes in a television or radio.
    There are also probably a lot fewer cars with manual transmissions in the US and Australia today than there were just 30 years ago.

  2. alison k says:

    i’m wondering if women are more likely to mow the lawn, take out the trash, and fix things around the house because men are less and less responsible for “manly” things and the women have no choice but to do it themselves or it doesnt get done!

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