Ten Complaints About Women’s Driving

driving1 e1279586050989 Ten Complaints About Womens Driving

So it’s simple: Men are better drivers than women. Right guys? At least, we THINK we are. That’s according to the results of a survey by OnePoll.com which surveyed 3,000 MEN about the subject. Here are the top ten complains men have about women driving…

1 ) Lack of Concentration. This was the biggest complain men had: They think that women are distracted too easily by children, scenery or other drivers.

2 ) Braking Too Late. Ladies, you know when your guy is worried about this one. It’s when he’s pushing his foot down into the floormat and pressing against an imaginary brake.

3 ) Tapping the Accelerator. In other words, hitting the accelerator inconsistently, which gives the ride a stop-and-start feel.

4 ) Drifting Toward the Shoulder. Guys don’t like it when you let the car drift from side to side in a lane, instead of keeping it in a straight line. Especially if you drift all the way over to the side of the road, and hit those ridges on the shoulder.

5 ) Getting Too Close to Other Cars Before Passing Them.

6 ) Braking Too Hard

7 ) Fiddling With the Stereo

8 ) Failure to Indicate

9 ) Going too Fast

10 ) Staying in the Middle Lane / Not Trying to Pass


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