High School Censors Anonymous Yearbook Confessions

fasttimes385 High School Censors Anonymous Yearbook Confessions

After the yearbook staff asked for — and published — anonymous confessions from students for a yearbook feature called “Glances 2010, Truth Be Told”, a Virginia high school principal has deemed the disclosures “totally inappropriate”, stopped distribution, and ordered a reprint.

What were the teens confessing?  Some examples after the jump. 

Far from the light-hearted fare that perhaps the school’s principal had anticipated, there were confessions of sex, drug use, and abortion.  According to Salon.com, in addition to your average “dude, bro” stoner talk (e.g., “I once did so much pot that I woke up high”), there is the shocking revelation that some teens in Spotsylvania, Va. are having sex.  The anonymous sexual confessions include: “I have sex with people just to feel wanted” and “I worry all the time my ex-boyfriend will use the naked picture I sent him to ruin my life,” according to local news reports. Some comments turn far more serious: “I had an abortion and my mom doesn’t know” and “I’m pregnant with my best friend’s boyfriend’s kid.”

Are these kinds of confessions from young adults so shocking?  What do you think?


One Comment

  1. Marcus D. says:

    reminds me of the All American Rejects video for “Dirty Little Secret” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AHd3ck6fHBw

  2. Joe says:

    This is all very common these days. I think it’s only a big deal because it happened in a small town where they obviously thought this kind of stuff never happened. Welcome to the real world

  3. Katt says:

    It’s too bad that these kids aren’t comfortable with talking with their parents or the adults in their lives. I know its a small town, however, where are their parents in all of this?

    1. Tearra says:

      lets just be honest tho, 99.9 % of kids, teenagers, young adults aren’t comfortable talking about anything with their parents. I am twenty one when i was sixteen i got knocked up, i lost my baby three months later, my rents still don’t know about it, nor do they know i smoked and drank when i was underage, or ever. its almost common that kids rebel, and don’t want their parents to know anything about their lives, especially when its bad. its part of the generation.

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