How Often Do People Lie?

liedetector385 How Often Do People Lie?The average woman tells two lies a day, whereas the average man tells about three lies:

Even though this survey was taken in the U.K., there’s no reason not to think that the results wouldn’t be the same in the U.S.

–  According to a recent study by the Science Museum in London, the average woman tells about 728 lies a year!  That comes out to around two lies a day.

–  The average man tells about 1,092 lies a year!  That comes out to about three lies a day.

–  The lie women say most often is, “nothing’s wrong, i’m fine.”  The lie that men tell the most often is, “I didn’t have that much to drink.”

–  20 percent of women and 25 percent of men admit that they have lied to their mother at some point, compared to only 10 percent that say they have lied to their partner.

–  82 percent of women say that lying eats away at their conscience when they lie, while 70 percent of men say the same.

–  84 percent of men and women say that there is such a thing as an “acceptable” lie. That includes three out of four who would lie to spare someone’s feelings, and 57 percent who would lie if they got a gift they didn’t like.

–  Overall, 55 percent of people think that women are better liars then men.

Source:  BBC News.


One Comment

  1. jen says:

    My 6 year old son tells about 5 lies a day – thankfully I know him well enough that I can tell.

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