Bribing Your Kids To Read Can Help Them Do Better In School

kidsstudy385 Bribing Your Kids To Read Can Help Them Do Better In School

Parenthood isn’t so much about whether or not you’ll bribe your kids.  Eventually, you will.  That’s just part of the deal.  But knowing WHEN and HOW to bribe your kids…that’s the real key.  Which brings me to this…

–A new study from Harvard University has found that bribing kids to read…even for as little as $2 a book…can improve their standardized test scores and overall grades.  And kids will continue to do better in school even after the rewards stop.

–At the same time, bribing kids to just “get better grades” or “get higher test scores” doesn’t work as well, because those are long-term goals, and most kids don’t have a clear enough understanding of how to do it.

–A guy named Roland Fryer Jr. led the study.  He says, quote, “If you pay a kid to read books, their grades go up higher than if you actually pay a kid for grades…Isn’t that cool?”

(Yahoo News)


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  1. luma4 says:

    I dont have to bribe mine. They like to. If you start young and take them to story time early they will benefit. No brainer!

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