waiters385 01 Six Things Waiters Wont Tell You

Reader’s Digest” asked two-dozen waiters and waitresses from around the country to tell them things they normally wouldn’t reveal to customers.   Here are the top six…

1. AFTER 8P.M., IT’S ALL DECAF. Apparently, people who work nights at restaurants are really lazy.   According to one waitress, most restaurants only brew decaf coffee after eight o’clock because no one wants to clean two coffee pots.

–So, even if you order a regular coffee, you’ll get decaf because they know you can’t tell the difference.

2. SOMETIMES THE “DAILY SPECIAL” IS JUST A BUNCH OF OLD FOOD. You’ve probably heard this before, but ‘specials’ are often just a way to get rid of food that’s about to go bad.  So avoid the soup of the day, especially if it has seafood in it.

3. YOU SHOULD NEVER ORDER A LEMON IN YOUR DRINK. According to a waitress from Kansas City, nobody washes them, and everybody touches them. They just cut them up and throw them in your drink.

4. THE EGGS AT BREAKFAST BUFFETS ARE ALMOST ALWAYS MADE FROM POWDER. They just mix it with water to make liquid eggs that they can scramble.   Making real eggs is more expensive, and it takes A LOT longer.

5. THEY PUT EXTRA SUGAR IN KIDS’ FOOD. A waitress at a “well-known pizza chain” says they put more sugar in the dough for kids’ pizzas because they know kids will eat more if they do.

6. WEALTHY PEOPLE DON’T TIP THAT WELL. Middle-class people leave the best tips.   And guys tend to throw down between 20 and 25 percent if they’re out on a date.

(Reader’s Digest)

  1. Marcus D. says:

    Well…I’m hungry.

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